Financial Accounting System

This system is specially designed for all small and medium businesses including Traders, Stock Holders, Store Keepers, Suppliers etc. to fulfill their accounting needs. This system is particularly designed according to the local market needs. It is a one touch solution for your business.

It fulfills all the needs of accounting system and gives enhance reports for the managers and CEOs. You have your record now on your fingertips. With powerful and customizable reporting module our accounting system stands apart. System can be implemented over the LAN and is available in per seat and enterprise license packages. Following are some of the distinctive features of the system.

No system is complete without its reports. Our system just not gives you dynamic forms to record data but also gives comprehensive reports that not only helps you tracking your records but also gives you the directions as how to improve your business. Following are the reports which are generated by the systems:

  • Chart of Accounts Report
  • Purchase Report
    • Customer Wise
    • Product wise
    • Purchase Return
  • Sales Report
    • Customer Wise
    • Product wise
    • Sales Return
  • Sales Tax
  • Stock / Inventory Report
  • Stock / Inventory Transfer
  • Vouchers Printing
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger (GL) Report
  • Profit And Loss (P&L) Report
  • Balance Sheet

It is one of the most important features of the accounting systems. It has fully equipped tools to record the various important transactions and adjustments required to report true and fair picture of the business.

Supplier invoice in which no product is involved is entered from this form.

Customer invoice in which no product is involved is entered from this form.

This form works same as bank payments and bank receipts except cash account is debited or credited in this type of transactions.

Record your bank receipts through this form. This form also incorporates income tax as well. System will automatically deduct the income tax amount and records it in Ledger. This will give you clear picture of your income tax amount you paid and the amount you received from customers.

This form is designed for the payments which are made from the bank. You can record multiple payments on single voucher. This will track all your payments done by your bank.

Get computerized Delivery Challans from the system when you are delivering the goods to your customer. Efficient way of record keeping and security check at line systems.

Make and send your quotations to your customers. This will allow you to generate your computerized quotations through the system. Less time more work.

It provides series of features to record, maintain and evaluate the available inventory. This system gives you an idea about how much you have in your stock and how much required to purchase or produce to cover up the sales order(s). It also tracks the transfer of inventory from one warehouse to another.

If your customer returns you the goods that you have sold then you do not need to worry.You can enter this as your sales return and the system will manage your accounts.

Record your sales on cash and on credit. You will be able to track your sales date wise, product wise and Customer wise. This is not all; you can record your sales and also generate your sales tax invoices and sales bill.

To Record your return of goods which you have purchased we give you purchase return form. This is will also have the impact on both the inventory as well as in the ledger.

System will record all the purchases either it is on credit or cash. You can record your “Import” as well as “Local Purchases”. This will affect the ledger as well as inventory. You do not need to renter it.

Product packing is yet another useful feature of the system. It allows user to enter same product with different packaging. Stock reports can also be viewed with different packaging of the product.