Our company provides specialized services surrounding the product suite. Through our detailed experience & certified developers, we have developed a range of best practices, we know the pitfalls and risks that may arise when deploying or using

By partnering with us you will be guaranteed a quality deployment of tailored to your specific needs and delivered within a specific time frame.

The major areas we deliver services around include:

1. Customization

With and Apex we can make the platform for your all your operations & human resources, claims management, resource management, accounting etc

2. Data Cleansing & Migration

Get your data in. Get your data out. We will clean it, remove duplicates, massage it, transform it, and make it meaningful.

3. Systems Integration

Whether it is your accounting package, email marketing platform, online Shopping Cart or other business critical systems, we are here to provide a secure and reliable integration.

4. App Development

We have developed several apps for appexchange and businesses and can successfully deliver any app building requirements.